Local and export markets are always in need of a consistent quality supplier and are eager to close profitable deals with a professional operating farm. The industry is not only financially rewarding but, also provides greatly needed employment.

With enthusiasm, intelligence, and state of the art equipment; projects are constructed only to collapse in a short period of time. Why?

The basic mistake repeated over and over is in separating the project development from the operation management. Companies are expert in arranging, designing and constructing projects but, fall short in acknowledging the suitability to the actual social situation. In a more direct light, for many companies the profit is not within the farms sustainability but, in the constructing alone.

We offer to bridge this gap by considering all aspects and how they are interlinked from the design to the time of product delivery. In being well informed and realistic in the developing approach it creates a sturdy foundation for a sustainable farm operation.

With dedication we will organize and direct all farm development, agronomy, financial and management aspects.

Our strategy is to effectively provide and support until the farm is sustainable. It is an exceptional point of view from the standard turn-key project development approach, one that requires conviction and perseverance. Essentially, it fits well with today´s global demands for operational, product and social commitment. Lasting prosperous farms would be positively received by investors who have burnt their fingers with companies that have dropped large infrastructures and no capability to operate them.

The way we work is by building a strategic and organic growth plan by analysing economical and geographical aspects, market demands, human resource factors, and short and long term business goals. As local people most likely will not be experienced in advance agriculture practices, it is essential that a farm develops organically to suite its current capabilities.

Our plan consists of taking full responsibility of Construction, logistics and complete project building. Equipment Purchasing only occurs once operators prove that their abilities and maintenance practices are parallel to the equipment requirements. Agronomic Solutions and Management Skills are provided via a trial farm acting as a miniature project. To assure success, Real-Time Operation & a Control Reporting System is established, allowing us to monitor and provide on-going guidance until structures are fully comprehended and effectively utilized.

Our Business Proposition is flexible to a number of opportunities that can include:
  • Feasibility study and business plan to insure project profitability.
  • Planning and executing of the project (turn-key projects).
  • Managing production guaranty, we take full responsibility (ILNIKA new industry concept).
  • Management plan and management skill transfer.
  • Logistic back-up for the operating farm.
  • Market establishment (ILNIKA new industry concept).
  • Crop insurance to guaranty success (ILNIKA new industry concept).
  • Strategic partnership with agricultural entities in need of our management services.
  • Project partnerships, based on the abillity to create an essential connection between participating investing parties.
  • Planning and implementing PPP agreement between government and the private sector, while implementing the management structure in the farms; as an independent entity, we are a benefit to both investing parties, in this manner we ensure professional operation of PPP agreements.

ILNIKA Executive Team Profiles

Ilnika’s Management Team is built out of driven, multidisciplinary individuals.


Currently, Andre is incharge of ILNIKA’s Angola’s New Project Development Team. Managing 5 agriculture and agro-industrial projects and 3 research rehabilitation projects at a value of $250 million USD. The sustainable live stock, animal feed supply and crop projects are joint government ventures, geared towards product availability and food price reduction. His responsiblilities include project planning and constructing, negotiations and contract writing with subcontructors, suppliers and costumers and the overall management structure.

Over 15 years of involvement in the international agricultural industry, he holds experience in government programs and international project development in South Africa, Kenya, Angola, Botswana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Nigeria and has the knowledge in Blue Chip Farm Management. Establishing the know-how in building and managing a sustainable and profitable agricultural management company, he is drivien to create and contribute to the economical social needs in developing nations. Effectively making the difference and leaving a long lasting positive mark behind.

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