Ewes in the veld

All ewes are taken out to the veld to graze everyday. At ILNIKA KALAHARI REDS they are grazing on pastures in the morning and then moved to the veld camps in the afternoon. My natural vegetation consists of blue and white buffalo grass and Acacia species of trees. Due to the size of the farm, management of the grazing is vital. The farm is 21Ha in total and only16Ha is used for grazing. The farm is divided into 8 camps of 1Ha each and the rest is divided into camps of 110m x 20m. Irrigation was installed into these camps and is used very wisely as water is scarce. 8 of these camps are planted with rye grass during the winter and Nutri - feed during the summer. These pastures are mainly used for the pregnant ewes and ewes with lambs.

The rest of the camps are being established with Tree Lucerne to maximize the grazing potential of the farm.

Ewes with lambs and pregnant ewes get a supplement of MAXIWOL LICK at night. This voermol product encourages milk production and fetus growth.


Every animal on this farm goes to the veld from 7h30-16h00. They get their roughage from the veld .
The Bushveld has a great habitat  for goats and they eat everything  from the grass fields to the trees and seeds.