Rams used


My very first ram that i used was BJM. In the beginning years of the Kalahari Reds the breed was so small that there just wasnt rams available and one had to use what was on the market. This ram had excellent meat qualities and he bread meat goats par excelence. He had bad horns and a bad head. He bread the 4 tooth class winner at the World Championships in 2008. I then brought a ram from Tobie Fourie that was bear by Koenie Kotze and named hi Rooimier. He corrected my heads, had wonderfull lenth and muscles. Oom Tobie Fourie and his son Joubert Fourie helped me throughout my red carreer and borrowed me 3 rams, Boesman, Rooimier and De La Ray.


These 3 rams made a vast differance to my heard and put me years ahead from where i was. After these 3 rams i used One 0 One who had the perfect head, lenth and meat i was looking for.


The Studbook registrations became high priority and the average of my heard grew to a good avarage. To improve the average i started using Tollie Jordaan's rams. They were all Studbook proper and this took me further faster with the registration prosess. The last 3 rams I used were excellent breeders.