What a kraal should look like

On a recent visit to a border post, I was pleasantly surprised to find this professional setup of a well thought through and planned kraaling facility. This is one of the most commonly asked questions. In the bushveld specifically we kraal our animals due to theft, carricals and especially hartwater control. Before I started with the goats a breeder in the bushveld told me that if you dont see your animals in the morning and in the evening - dont farm with smallstock. He was reffering to the high mortallity or heartwater.


On my farm where I have limited space, I had to build kraals rather than camps. These photos were taken by me in 2010 and I was so impressed with them that i decided to place the photos as a reference to new potential farmers.


The Kraal

The ideal kraal according to Dr Jasper Coetsee should have 2m space per animal with at least 400mm of eating space per animal. Ideally one should have a slope for water flow so that the kraal could stay dry. There should be ample shade for the animals and the feeding troughs should be covered with roofing structure to keep the food dry during the rainy season.


The Fence

The fence should be at least 1.4m high with 9 wires and a dropper 1m apart. The best way to secure your fence is by having a solid bar at the top that keeps the corner posts intact.


Eating Crips

The ideal way is to heve your eating space outside the kraal so that you limit movement inside the kraal. Due to high traffic at the crips a concrete helps erotion.


Make sure you have fresh water in the kraal with a concrete slab around the water trough.