I never anticipated the size of my goat farming (hobby) to grow to more than 10 ewes but the love for the goats outgrew my aspiration as a hobby.
I have 8 large kraals and 8 smaller kraals, a hospital kraal and several lambing pens.
All ewes are divided into  management groups and mated at different times in different kraals by different rams.
Young rams are kept separate from older rams and young ewes are kept separate from older rams.
I have a few ewes that i use to test young rams with to establish the breeding potential. Once they are all mated they are kept in their kraals till lambing.


 The Creep Feeding Pens

The growth of the lambs is of utmost importance to me and to achieve maximun growth from the lambs. I have implemented a creepfeeding to the kraals. Any lambs up to 20kg can enter through the small openings and have accsess to the pelets. This also makes the weaning process eassier as the lambs is use to eating on its own.


Raised feeding troughs

In the kraal I have raised all my feeding troughs from the ground. This has more than one advantage.

Their front feet are ocupied and can not be used for scratching in the food and less waist accuresThe mothers are so busy eating when coming back from the veld that they dont always take note of who is drinking. Lambs with no mothers helps themselfs to milk from other mothers.



Kraals are cleaned everyday and used as compost in the nursery. This system contributes to about 30m of compost per season.