Farm Setup

Due to theft, caricals (problem animals) and heart water our herd is kraaled at night. I use the 110m x 20m camps as kraals wich allows them to graze during the night. This gives us the opportunity to inspect all animals for heart water and identify ewes that are close to lambing. Ewes that are identified as close to lambing are placed into one of the camps close to the house where we could keep a eye on them. During lambing season we make use of lambing pens if the birth rate is greater than expected where the lambs are placed with their mothers for a day to bond.


We make sure that the kids (lambs) get enough biesmilk from the mothers and the first personal classification is done and recorded. After 3 days they go to the veld with their mother. Kid's are tagged on day 1. Pregnant ewes, ewes with lambs, dry ewes and young ewes are all kraaled separately due to feeding requirements.

At Tshipese THE MATOPPIE STUD is handled differently. The grazing camps are 100Ha and the ewes are allowed to graze the Mopani veld freely and are only fed a supplement of MAXIWOL and a maintanance pellet at night. Ewes lamb in the veld and lambs are kept in a small camp for the first 3 months. Out biggest problem there are BABOONS AND LEOPARDS.


All animals get a supplement at night. Rams are kept on a separate part of the farm and are all treated equally. Most of the rams are raised for the slaughter market. Due to a contract with an Asian group, I raise the goats for them till 60kg and or one year. Breeding rams are first selected at weaning age and several times there after. Breeding rams selected from the MATOPPIE STUD brought to Naboomspruit to be raised, the rest is left to grow in the veld


Where possible kraals are cleaned every morning and droppings are taken to the compost heap for use in the nursery.


The ewes with kids are fed on a high feeding trough so that the babies can steal milk from willing mothers.

Mothers with kids are placed in a kraal where the lambs has access to  a creep feed facility.

These photo's of the kraals illustrate the layout. A section of the farm is divided into camps of 20m x 110m.

There are 30 of these camps and they are used for mothers with lambs. When the grass  (wheit Buffolo) gets to long it is cut and stacked and is used in the feed or stored in haystack racks. The photo's give a view of the grass being cut with a slasher.