Australian Visit

On a recent visit to Australia I had the opportunity to visit the Royal Melbourne show. A fellow South African Theuns Botha was the judge. What impressed me most of all of my visit over 2 days to the show was the tidiness of the showgrounds and the well organised event. I met some wonderful breeders and was made welcome by Kevin and Judy Vesty from Vesty boers in Deniliquin. They were quiet breeders and I could see that they had quality goats in their pens.
The show started on time and the goats lead by the breeders themselves entered the arena. Theuns placed the animals and with his astonishing memory motivated his placing without looking back once to remind himself.

After the show I left for a glorious evening in Lygon street in Melbourne city centre. We ate at Italian restaurants, a Lebanese restaurant, drank wine in Watsons wine bar and spend time in the bookstores until retiring to bed.
With a hand full of invites from all the wonderful breeders I headed up to Deni to meet my family. For logistical reasons I accepted the offer from the Vesty's to help them with the selection of their goats. I joined up with Theuns to spend the day with them on their neat 50 acre farm. Jeoff and Dawn Campbell from Mathoura joined us for the day.

I was so impressed with the Vesty's heard. They had 60 well balanced goats all in top condition. Some had started lambing and I was astonished by the love and care that these animals receive. Theuns and myself went through the heard and picked out the show animals ant the top breeding stock. We shared knowledge and stories and Jeoff, one of the more senior goat farmers told us the stories of the earlier goat farmers and what was the hurdles they had to overcome. He was also one of the main suppliers of the Vesty's breeding stock.

We ended our meeting with a lovely lunch and I am looking forward in what the future halds for Kevin and Judy. They have such a great breeding heard and can only go forward.