Ring Officials


Before judging commences

  1. Ensure that the correct animals for the class enter the ring, weight or teeth. If the next tooth is cutting the animal moves into the next class. Note that this is the duty of the ring official. The judge's task is to see that the goat bites correctly.
  2. Check that the correct number of animals are in the class as entered before judging begins.
  3. Line the animals up neatly and orderly.


  1. The following are compulsory at all regional shows and national championships and ring officials must adhere to these rules.
  1. Ring officials must enter the ring dressed in long trousers with a Boer Goat shirt and tie.
  2. All handlers must wear a Boer Goat overall and cap.


During Judging

Ring officials must see that they themselves and the handlers of the animals allow the animals to walk and be shown correctly for the judge.

  1. Watch the judge al all times to respond immediately to his instructions. Considerable problems are experienced with officials who make things difficult for the judges by chatting to onlookers around the ring.
  2. Always pull animals up neatly to create a neat display on the ring.
  3. After completion of positioning fetch every placing exhibitor so that prize cards can be issued.
  4. Hand out prize cards when announced or hand these to the person awarding the prizes. All animals must remain in the ring until after comment has been delivered by the judge. During the awarding of prize cards only the prize winners may remain in the ring.
  5. With regards to behaviour, always display respect towards the judge and willingness to help.
  6. A-ring official may never interfere with the placing by a judge during judging.
  7. Make arrangements for refreshments for the judge.


Rules with Hi-Lo judging.

  1. In this case the three judges may not converse with each other during the judging, and may only use the ring official as mediator.
  2. Should one judge state to the ring official that he is culling an animal for a certain characteristic, the official must secure the opinion of the other two judges. Whether two or more judges decide to cull the animal or not, this is applicable to the animal and the official must see that the three judges are aware of the outcome.
  3. When the goat is released the number must be read aloud for the judges.
  4. The goat must be caught when all three judges have indicated that they are finished.
  5. Ensure that the correct numbers are drawn with a nomination and remain behind in the ring while others are taken out.

REMEMBER: Ring Official is equally responsible for promoting our proud Boer Goat Breed