Legadema Private Game Reserve

The project is situated between Marken and Baltimore in the Limpopo Province. It is a 6000ha private game reserve called Legadema Exclusive Reseve with a luxury lodge and 3 up-market camp sites. Legadema means light from the sky.

Ilnika Landscape Development did both the design and the layout.

On my initial meeting with the client he briefed me as to his only requirement:  that there be lawn, as the luxury lodge is situated on a mountain.

Our vision was to create an evergreen, relaxing resting place where, within the bushveld, you could unwind and enjoy the re-vitalising views from the lodge.

We did not remove any indigenous trees from the area and blended the landscaping with the natural environment.

There were some stunning old trees on site, around the lodge. These trees were all kept. 3 Very large Baobab trees were sourced from the North, transported by Lowbed trucks and resettled at Legadema with the help of a crane. Large feature trees were planted on lower terraces. Fever trees, Wild Syringa (Kirkia Aucuminata) and large Aloe Marlotti's were planted in the open areas to compliment the Bushveld.

Viburnum Sinensis were planted along the terrace walls to soften it. Zantedetia and Juncus were planted in the wetlands. 2 Large Euphorbia Cooperii were incorporated as a feature on the patio.

Clivias and Zantedetias were planted on the top terrace for colour.

In my design I terraced the garden to compliment the large double storey house with its magnificent patio's and decked outlook points.

This created the need for steps and dramatic garden rooms  were created.

A large wild mango tree was cramped by a jacaranda tree(that we removed to make place for the Baobab). The wild mango was forced to grow sideways and made a wide spread in the middle of the garden. This was used as a feature and dominated the design to a large extent.

A wetlands, with its origin being on the top terrace next to the Baobab, was built,  connecting all three terraces. A waterfall takes the water downstream to the lavish entertainment area. The wetlands has a total of 5 waterfalls. It ponds up right in front of the main entrance to the entertainment area, where a sleeper bridge takes you across the pond into the entertainment area.

In front of the old garages was a dilapidated farm structure that was converted into a stunning pond. 2 Leadwood stumps were carefully selected for the purpose of hanging the old milk cans in remembrance of the historic cattle farm. This was converted into a water feature that welcomes you as you drive in.

Due to the vast amount of rocks that had to be removed, I decided to pack a 1.5m x1.5m rock wall around the property. This created the feel of an old homestead.

Due to the high occupancy of the lodge a herb and vegetable garden was designed to serve as a feature and also creating an edible garden.

The flowerbeds were all rounded off with a cobble edging.

Pathways varied from stepping stones to concrete pathways with a sleeper finish and pathways built from the off-cut sandstone hand cut on site.

Various look-out points were created and wrought iron benches were placed strategically. Natural rock was used as stepping stones.

Large pots were skilfully placed to enhance the atmosphere.

Lighting was designed to mysteriously light up the garden. An old farm dam was converted into a swimming pool surrounded by wooden decking.

I personally designed the irrigation layout, using a Hunter system, to automatically suit the needs of the garden. Water is pumped from a borehole 1km away into a 40 000 litre storage unit. From there it is pumped up to the house with a rise of 48m over 500m. The 40 000 litre storage unit at the house is automatically fed from the bottom unit.

As many natural products from the farm, as possible, were used. We installed a 300m2 cobble paved driveway.

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