About our Nursery

The farm was bought in 2001 and the original idea was to grow some plants for the landscaping in Johannesburg. The good weather and perfect winters made it an ideal farm for growing plants and soon the first tunnel was built. We spent weekends digging the holes and soon we erected 3 more tunnels and filled them with plants.

The trees in 4lt bags soon grew to over a meter and I had to transplant them. That's when I started the frames. The trees are packed on the frame to prevent them from blowing over. The tree frames are also used to keep the stems straight.

In the beginning I bought my cuttings from local suppliers but later started doing my own cuttings in a plastic tunnel that I had bought at an auction.

In 2004 just before the 3 kids started school we decided to relocate to the farm and sold our house in Johannesburg. Jon Jackson bought into the Johannesburg based Landscaping business and continued the successes we had in the past by excellent service and product delivery.

In 1995 we sent our first sample track on the road. We sold out all our stock within that summer season, that was when i decided to specialize in less species but stock larger quantities. We supply numerous nurseries, landscapers, contractors and municipalities in several provinces in South Africa as well as in some neighbouring countries.